Tinykin Game Review

Tinykin is a puzzle game that focuses on aircraft repair. The main objective is to repair each plane that fly by in each level. Along the way, you’ll meet new friends in the form of cartoon bugs. You can even interact with them! Read on to learn more about Tinykin.

Review of Tinykin

Tinykin is a platforming game that lets you explore a person’s house. The game’s puzzle-platforming mechanics are solid, and the environment looks great. There are a lot of cute details in the world, and the game’s 2D sprites give it a nice visual flair.

Tinykin is an excellent platformer with a wonderful storyline. The game’s protagonist, Milo, comes from a distant planet and travels through time to 1990s Earth. This is a great game for anyone who loves games with a fun and imaginative storyline. You’ll get to meet odd characters and collect artifacts that will help you free yourself.

Although Pikmin and Banjo & Kazooie inspire the game, the atmosphere of Tinykin is more chill than that of its more familiar cousins. You play as Milodane, a human that has been sent to a strange planet to search for similar life forms. The game has many minigames and puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours.

You’ll be able to unlock different levels, and each one is unique in its own way. Finding all of the eggs is an important part of the game. The critters can be red or green, exploding on contact with an object. The game also contains secret areas and additional missions to help you find the items you need.

Tinykin is a platforming game, and its controls are fairly simple to master. Milo is easy to control, and several cool maneuvers help him explore the world.


The gameplay of Tinykin is based on large maps spread throughout a house. On each map, you’ll encounter various side objectives and small puzzles. Some objectives are straightforward, such as collecting a certain number of Tinykins of the same color. However, the game is also full of challenging challenges that can require you to think logically and solve puzzles.

Tinykin’s gameplay is easy to learn and feels smooth when you’re playing. The game is full of new abilities and tools that help you complete different areas of the game. Each new ability you unlock will help you explore the world. And since your Tinykin has an arsenal of weapons and abilities, you can be certain that your journey through the game will be full of adventure.

Tinykins are very cute little creatures, and they have unique abilities. The red Tinykin has explosive capabilities, while the pink ones are good at carrying items and electric charges. Each version of the game gradually adds new characters to the mix. As you solve puzzles, you’ll have to collect a certain amount of Tinykins from one area to reach the next.

The first component in the game involves creating a bridge. To complete this task, you must first gather some pink tinykins. They can be used to help other colored tinykins. During this process, pink ones will have to lift the wooden block, and red ones will break it. Blue tinykins are also useful in breaking wooden boxes.


A recent showcase at the Media Indie Exchange highlighted the game, Characters of Tinykin. This new adventure combines 3D environments, paper-thin character models, and throw-able small creatures. It was developed by Splashteam, a studio that previously worked on Nintendo games. As of this writing, the game is available for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The game features a wide variety of Tinykin with different abilities. For instance, red Tinykin is explosive, pink Tinykins can carry items, and blue ones can hold electric charges. In addition, new Tinykin is added to the game periodically. Players must complete tasks for the insectoid NPCs to progress.

In the game, players must complete many tasks as the Tinykins are tiny and unable to complete on their own. Their unique abilities help them get around and find items. They can also work together to help Milo in his adventures. Some Tinykins can be as small as an inch, while others can be as large as an insect.

Similarly to the Pikmin series, Tinykin features two-dimensional hand-drawn animated models. The game’s soundtrack is reminiscent of an old animated cartoon from the 90s. Despite the game’s simplistic premise, Tinykin is very entertaining. Many fantastic touches make the game more enjoyable to play.

Level design

One of the best aspects of Tinykin is its level design. The game has an expansive level packed with objects but also features many smaller, more detailed locations. This creates a diverse world full of fun conversations with various characters. The level design also adds a layer of puzzle solving to the game.

Though Tinykin’s levels are well designed, they can sometimes feel repetitive. It is difficult to tell where to begin a level, as some areas have similar layouts. Some puzzles require the player to collect a certain amount of Tinykin. While the game may sometimes be repetitive, the level design is a great way to spice things up.

In Tinykin, you’ll find a variety of critters that will help you reach your goal. Some are red and explode on contact, while others are green and serve as ladders. One critter helps you guide electricity from a power source to a power cable, while another lets you build bridges.

Despite its cartoon-like environment, Tinykin still manages to have a surprisingly realistic feeling. The game’s environment is meant to be as realistic as possible. The game takes inspiration from Toy Story and captures the feeling of being small in a familiar environment. The game uses various objects and items in the game’s environment, such as xylophones and slippers, to provide different levels of verticality.

Pollen collection

If you’re a fan of collectathon games, Tinykin is one of the best. Its fun, casual gameplay will encourage you to explore every room for the collectibles. But be warned that the game is not particularly challenging and is best played as a relaxing experience. Its six levels are just the right amount to get you started. Moreover, they provide a solid foundation for future levels.

To complete levels, you’ll need to collect pollen and upgrade your Tinykin. The default tinykin is a worker bee, but you can also use other colors to unlock paths and secure collectible pollen. However, the game can get tricky when collecting pollen; Milo isn’t the most agile jumper, but his bubble glider can help you reach those out-of-reach areas.

Another place where you can collect pollen is on top of plants and flowers. You can also find them in hidden gaps and on the top of giant lamps. Once you’ve collected the pollen, you can collect another from an opened book. You can also collect pollen from the chairs’ seats.

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