The Last of Us Part I Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The Last of Us Part I is an action-adventure video game in 2022. It is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is one of the latest games in the series and features a revamped combat system and gameplay. In addition, it has expanded accessibility options.

Enhanced port

In addition to bringing the game’s graphics and audio up to date, “The Last of Us Part I enhanced port” also includes Left Behind DLC, speedrun mode, and more. Additionally, the game has been enhanced to take advantage of the Dualsense controller, which makes it easier to control characters and the environment. Players will also notice that the game is easier to load and runs faster.

PlayStation owners should take note of the enhanced port of The Last of Us Part 1 coming to PS5 this September. While the PS4 version will be available for several months, the enhanced port will come to PS5 on September 2. Naughty Dog tweeted a comparison between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, but the compression of the video makes it hard to notice the graphical changes.

While the original version’s visuals were stunning, this enhanced port has a few significant changes. It includes five different visual modes, and each mode can be activated through various system settings and selections. These modes include 60Hz output, 120Hz output, native 1440p, and VRR.

The Last of Us will hit PS5 and Xbox One this fall. In addition, it will also be coming to PC, making the game more accessible to PC gamers. Whether you play the game on your PC or on your console, the enhanced port of The Last of Us Part I will give you the best experience possible.

Naughty Dog is known for creating great games, and The Last of Us is no exception. Although the game isn’t a show-stopper, it’s still a great experience. It may not be for everyone, but the PS5 version has a few great upgrades that may help you enjoy the game more.

Improved gameplay

After several leaks, Naughty Dog has released a new gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part I. It features interviews with developers and highlights the game’s improvements. The video also details the changes made to the game’s art direction and lighting. It looks like the game is getting a fresh start, with a lot of emphasis on lighting and visual enhancements.

The game features enhanced graphics and a revamped main menu. While The Last of Us Part I is still strictly single-player, it does have several improvements over its predecessor. For instance, playing the game in 4K 30fps fidelity mode and at 60fps in performance mode is now possible. While the game normally resolves at 1440p, it’s possible to unlock VRR displays if the frame rate reaches 60fps.

Undoubtedly, the game’s AI has improved, but the game was not designed to be accessible to all players. The AI was designed to act a certain way and could not adapt to the environment. However, The Last of Us Part 1 is a fantastic blend of old and new. The game takes around 15 hours to play through.

Naughty Dog has also improved the game’s graphics, and the character models have been enhanced. The game features more realistic-looking characters, more detailed animations, and more realistic faces. The game also features improved AI, making enemies and allies behave more logically.


The characters in The Last of Us Part I are complex and intriguing, and their motivations are also complex. This game uses the power of the PS5 to its maximum advantage, bringing the most realistic edition of the original story. This game will appeal to fans of action, adventure, and mystery.

The character models for each main character have been altered to make them more lifelike. While some characters have completely changed, others have remained the same. The difference between Joel and Ellie, for example, is remarkable. They look much more weathered and realistic. In addition, the facial animation has been improved for both characters.

Another important character is David, the man who kidnaps Ellie and tries to keep her alive as “his pet.” In the process, he assaults her and tries to kill her. Without David, The Last of Us Part 1 would not be the same. In addition to Joel, Ellie has a new partner in Tess. She is the brains of Joel’s deals. She is also the one who transports Ellie to Marlene.

The two other main characters are Ellie and Sam. Joel and Ellie have a great relationship with their father, but their relationship is far from perfect. Both men care about each other but don’t trust each other enough. As a result, the brothers often disagree.

Level design

The level design in The Last of Us Part I has some interesting features, including consistent use of landmarks, which helps make a location more tangible. In particular, using a bus station as a landmark provides a good example of level design. You can’t just run through a building and hope to get where you need to go – you need to take a longer route around it.

The Last of Us Part II also had some impressive level design. It was especially noticeable in the combat, which felt dynamic thanks to the room for improvisation and multiple paths. However, the scope of the remake isn’t nearly as big as the first game. Despite the limited scope, the overall narrative and characterization in the “remake” feel more cohesive.

The first puzzle in the game takes place in Memorial Stadium. The location is intentionally chosen as a backdrop to disguise the surrounding area. It is also where Ellie learns her mission. She has a mission and is on a mission to find a firefly survivor.

In terms of gameplay, the game’s level design is more challenging than its predecessor. This new-level design is a great feature and will add variety and depth to the game. Although The Last of Us Part I is not a complete remake, it is still worth playing. This game has a lot to like, especially if you like to challenge yourself.

The Last of Us Part I features a great single-player campaign and a rich multiplayer system. The game also features the Left Behind DLC. It’s a standalone release, but there are plans for an expanded multiplayer component.


The AI in The Last of Us Part I is built around two fundamental components: Skills and Behaviours. Skills are high-level ideas of what a character should do in a given situation. For example, Hunter’s skills may include investigating a disturbance and hiding behind the cover. Infected skills might include roaming the map or pursuing an opponent. Behaviours are smaller actions the character performs in the world.

As always, The Last of Us Part I features many new features, including a Permadeath mode, new unlockables, and more. It also includes more than 60 accessibility options, including Audio Description. This makes the game much more accessible for players with disabilities. As for the game’s graphics, Sony has made several changes to make the experience as accessible as possible.

To ensure that the experience is as seamless as possible, the game’s AI has been improved compared to its predecessor. AI-based companions and enemies are now more responsive and can detect enemies’ movements and base their actions on that information. Moreover, the AI takes full advantage of the PS5 controller’s features, including haptic feedback for weapon reload and discharge. In addition, the tautness of a bow and arrow is felt in the adaptive triggers.

While gameplay and environments are similar to Fallout 4, AI behaviour has been modified to accommodate the game’s setting. For example, Joel’s companions can no longer hide in places and run into enemies. The game also features a reconstructed environment, improved lighting, and new textures.

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