Midnight Fight Express Game Review

Midnight Fight Express has a Batman-inspired premise, and the game is packed with deadly moves. These attacks include power slides, brutal uppercuts, and ground pounds. Players can also use a rope to drag enemies toward them or hurl them around in a circle. The game also features unconventional ammo and a variety of weapon types.


If you enjoy playing fighting games, you may want to try Midnight Fight Express. Its gameplay is fast-paced and features a variety of styles of combat. The game’s stages are short, lasting from two to five minutes. You can use your fists and weapons to defeat your opponents and earn points during the game. This game’s action hook makes it a fun game that can keep players interested for hours.

This beat-’em-up game follows a former criminal named Babyface as he fights to save his city. The game is packed with well-written dialogue and detailed levels. You can also use various types of firearms to defeat enemies. In addition, you can throw a hook to drag an opponent by grabbing it.

The game’s levels vary, ranging from a sleazy nightclub to a high-rise building. Throughout each level, you will fight against different Gangs. These gangs come in different shapes and sizes. Some are very creative, while others are frustrating. For instance, some of the levels have motorcycle dudes who will drive around in circles to run you down. Fortunately, most of the enemies in these levels are easy to take out with guns. The game also has a decent storyline.

The graphics are also impressive, with good character models and good animation. The game also has collision feedback, which makes combat in the game feel more realistic. The game also features a good soundtrack, making the game fun to play.


Learning the different Skills in Midnight Fight Express will help you in the game and make your fighting experience better. Different types of skills are available, and you can unlock them by completing challenges. These challenges will require you to learn specific skills to win the battle. You will find these challenges in the later levels of the game. These challenges will make your fighting experience more interesting and add more replay value. You will also gain S-Rank when you complete them.

Midnight Fight Express is an isometric brawler that puts you in the role of an action movie hero. As you fight through different levels, you can collect various cosmetic items. You can earn skins for different enemies and unlock new tracks for your music.

The Finishers tree is very important as this skill allows you to kill your opponents permanently. One of the most useful skills is the Environmental Finisher, which uses the environment to destroy enemies. This skill is important for completing the in-game challenges and will deal massive damage to your enemies. This skill is a must for everyone in the game.

Another skill tree to build is the Parry and Counter skills. These skills are important for changing your playstyle from defensive to offensive. In addition, Parry Weapons are extremely important when taking out the biggest threat in the game. This skill allows you to block the enemy’s melee attack while simultaneously causing them to drop their weapon.

Level design

The level design in Midnight Fight Express is quite good for a fighting game. It’s simple, blocky, and colourful and features a surprisingly interesting enemy design, hidden NPCs, secret weapons, and a fun combat system. While some levels are very creative, others are tedious and clumsy. For example, there’s a level where motorcycle dudes drive around in circles, running you down. But these dudes are easy to take out with guns, so you’ll likely find yourself fighting them again. The game also allows you to dress up like enemies, which adds another element to the combat system.

The levels in Midnight Fight Express are very diverse, and there’s a wide variety of enemy types and styles. Players can use melee weapons or firepower to destroy the enemies at each level. The game features motion-cap animation, a pioneered innovation by stunt performer Eric Jacobus.

Midnight Fight Express is filled with unique set pieces. These include the game’s famous crane levels and dock levels. It also features a massive restroom brawl and a video game developer’s office, among many others. The game is also rich in its variety of enemies and game mechanics, making it a rewarding experience for players to play more than once.

Midnight Fight Express is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on August 23. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.


Midnight Fight Express is a fast-paced action game that features lots of violence. The game was created by Jacob Dzwinel and worked with world-renowned stuntmen such as Eric Jacobus and Fernando Jay Huerto, who worked on hit games like God of War. But the violence isn’t the only thing that makes this game a disappointment. Its violence is often gratuitous.

As the protagonist of the action movie, you must fight off the criminals attempting to take over the city. Throughout the game, you can choose a weapon and use it against your enemies to eliminate them. The violence in Midnight Fight Express is highly graphic, which may not be for everyone.

Midnight Fight Express is available on PC and Steam on August 23. A PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version will follow. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works. You can check out our review of Midnight Fight Express to see what we think. However, this review is based on the PC version.

The combat in Midnight Fight Express is intense, and the game has various weapons and enemies. You can attack with blunt or sharp objects to stun your opponent. You can also use a grappling hook to inflict great damage. You can also use your revolver to fire a variety of rounds. Another unique feature is the friendship bullet, which causes an enemy to fight for a few seconds.

Enemy Civil War

Enemy Civil War on Midnight Fright Express is the latest installment of a popular fighting game series. As with previous games, players are given a variety of enemies to deal with and a new boss to track down. These enemies range from typical street thugs to knife-wielding lunatics, gang wars, and zombies. As a result, the gameplay is far from simple, and the shooting mechanic has plenty of problems.

In this strategy game, you play as an infantryman, a type of soldier specializing in melee combat. While this does mean that combat is not fast-paced, you can still make your opponent pay with massive damage. The disadvantage of this class is that it can take twenty seconds to reload, so it’s best to reload in a protected location where you can avoid enemy fire.

The game features many options for customizing your character, including its look. The character creator allows you to blend and match the appearance of several Civil War generals, giving you a wide variety of options. Customization options for weapons and clothing add a lot of flavour to your combat style.

While fighting enemies, you can use grappling skills to cling onto them and slam them to the ground. This skill can also be used to throw enemies or to finish them off.

Playground mode

The Playground mode in Midnight Fight Express is an excellent way to hone your fighting skills. Unlike real-life combat, this mode has no time or lifetime limits, so you can practice on your own terms. In addition, you can customize your weapons and abilities and choose the type of enemies you wish to face. This way, you can practice a variety of different moves and counters.

The Playground mode allows you to choose your own character and is the perfect place to practice your fighting skills. You can play in various settings, including city streets, building tops, and even jet-ski gunfights. This allows you to relive the cool action scenes you see in movies.

While playing in Playground mode, you can try your hand at new skills and try different combinations to develop a unique signature style. This is an excellent way to become stronger, but you should ensure that you first play the game on a moderate difficulty level. If you’re new to fighting games, make sure you have the time to play the entire story mode before attempting the higher-level difficulty.

Midnight Fight Express’s Playground mode is an excellent place to practice your moves and learn new combos. The Playground mode allows you to practice your moves and weapons before attempting them in real-life combat. It also offers endless waves so that you can practice fighting over again. In addition, you can spawn enemies one by one to get a feel for what works best for you.

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