Horizon Forbidden West Game Review

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game set in 2022. It is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is a mixture of combat and exploration with a focus on characters. The player can control a variety of characters in this open-world game.


In Horizon Forbidden West, players can choose from six skill trees, each with its own focus. Players can also customize their passive abilities to match their playstyle. They can also choose from different weapon skills. A trip caster can knock enemies down, and a bolt caster will strike at a range. Players can also equip shredder gauntlets for close combat. In addition, explosive spears can do heavy damage and reload slowly.

This game is the sequel to the highly successful Horizon Zero Dawn, which was released in 2017. This sequel expands on the world and introduces new characters and challenges to the players. The storyline continues to build on the storyline established in Horizon Zero Dawn, with more sci-fi elements and diverse characters. The combat system and world lore in Horizon Forbidden West are much more advanced than those in the first game. The game takes place on a futuristic Earth.

While Horizon Forbidden West is a step from its predecessor, it has some flaws. The world is more diverse, characters are more interesting, and gameplay is more complex. Players are also given more options in melee and traversal. However, some problems, such as janky facial animation, shouldn’t deter the game.

Horizon Forbidden West is a challenging game, but the combat is engaging and fun. While combat can get tedious, players can keep it fun by using their time-slow abilities to kill their enemies.


The cast of Horizon Forbidden West is quite diverse. This makes the characters feel more human than they would in most other games. They are given great voice acting by talented voice actors, some of whom are new to the Horizon franchise and others reprising roles. Here, we take a closer look at some of the main characters from the game.

The protagonist of the game, Aloy, has a complicated relationship with the character Beta. While the two are very different, Aloy finds herself trying to relate to him despite their differences. This makes writing about their relationship an interesting challenge, but it is a rewarding experience. The team is looking forward to sharing the story with players.

Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel to the 2017 smash hit Horizon Zero Dawn. It is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is set to release on February 18th, 2022, exclusively for PlayStation 4. The game features action role-playing single-player gameplay. While fans had hoped for a first-person combat view, it will be played from a third-person perspective.

As with Horizon Zero Dawn, the game also features an open world. This means you can explore the world and interact with the many characters. You can also take part in a variety of friendly arena competitions. The game also has some interesting side quests. For example, you can learn about the mysterious world of Horizon.


Combat in Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game in 2022. The game is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game follows the lives of various characters in charge of saving the world from a brutal war. It’s a highly addictive and fun-filled game that lets you play a range of different characters and complete various missions.

Combat in Horizon Forbidden West is based on different types of attacks. Players can choose to use raw damage or debuffs. The raw damage type is the least sophisticated but can be particularly effective when exposed to an enemy’s weak point. However, you should be careful when choosing this type of attack.

Ranged weapons are also an important part of combat in Horizon Forbidden West. Some human opponents have armour plating just like machines, so you’ll need to use your spear to damage their armour. You can also improve the effectiveness of your weapon by upgrading it with a workbench.

To upgrade your gear, you need to gather resources. In Horizon Forbidden West, these materials are scattered across the landscape. These resources can help you make healing items. You can also use them to upgrade your gear and carry other items. The more you collect, the better. It’s a good idea to upgrade as much as possible to keep your Alloy in good condition.

Combat in Horizon Forbidden West is a fun game, but it could use some tweaks. For instance, the third ammo slot could be improved. Alternatively, you could swap your acid arrows for shock arrows. This would allow more freedom and diversity for players to customize their weapons.

Side quests

In Horizon Forbidden West, players can find a variety of side quests to complete. These are a great way to progress through the story and earn skill points. There are several different side quests, and some will even link together. The main goal of a side quest is to help someone in need, but sometimes this requires facing tough machines. Regardless, side quests are an excellent way to level up and earn unique face paints and outfits.

Unlike many other games, Horizon Forbidden West’s side quests are fairly rewarding. Aside from allowing players to get cool weapons and armour, these activities often lead to a meaningful narrative denouement. This game is a great feature, and it’s one of its main selling points.

One of the most compelling side quests in Horizon Forbidden West involves a new character, Alva. She hails from the Quen tribe, which originally migrated to the Forbidden West from Asia. She has a thirst for knowledge and wants to learn about the Old Ones, and the side quests you can complete with her will help you gain a deeper understanding of the era.

The side quests in Horizon Forbidden West add to the overall world-building of the game. These aren’t always straightforward killing of enemies but often require detective work, bonding moments, or other factors. You can also get to many side quests in a short time, thanks to the game’s multiple fast-travel points.

Some of the side quests in Horizon Forbidden West require you to explore the Utaru culture. These missions tell the story of the tribes and their beliefs. The Utaru tribe, for example, faces fertility issues. Throughout the game, you’ll learn about their culture and how they worship their land gods. If you complete this side quest, you will receive Kue’s Sharpshot Bow, a powerful weapon in the early game.

Performance mode

Horizon Forbidden West’s performance mode has received a huge update. The update includes a New Game Plus mode and graphical improvements. These changes will make the performance mode much prettier and easier to play. We spoke with Guerrilla developers to learn more about the massive changes. Here’s what you can expect.

In the performance mode, you’ll notice that foliage, flowers, and buildings are more realistic. You will also notice a sharper edge to objects and trees. You can even see a slight shimmering effect on foliage. With this improved performance, you won’t feel as much blur in the environment, which can distract some players.

The performance mode also allows you to switch between different resolutions. You can choose between 1080p and 1800p. The Original PS4 and the slim version can run the game at 1080p, while the PS4 Pro can run up to 1800p. You can also choose between 30fps or 4K resolution.

While performance mode isn’t the best way to play Horizon Forbidden West, it does offer a few additional benefits. Besides visual enhancements, players can reset their skills and save their progress. In addition, there’s a new herbalist vendor in the game who sells animal materials.

Another new feature added to the game is variable refresh rate support (VRR). VRR synchronizes the refresh rate of your monitor to the games. This improves the game’s performance while reducing noticeable frame-rate drops. It also reduces input latency. You should consider using this mode if you have a 120Hz monitor.

As with any other new features, Horizon Forbidden West will continue to receive patches and improvements. The developers are hoping to include VRR support in future updates. Another major feature is the addition of a new 40 FPS performance mode. This new mode will work with the game’s 60 FPS performance mode.

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