Digimon Survive Game Review

Digimon Survive is a visual novel with tactical role-playing game elements. It was developed by Hyde and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2022. It was released worldwide in July 2022 and received mixed reviews. Here are some things to look out for: Character development, Story, and Battle tactics.

Negative aspects of Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is a video game that’s been developing for four years. While it has received mixed reviews from gamers, it has many positive aspects. Some players have praised the game for its visual novel style and interesting story, while others have been disappointed with the game’s limited number of Digimon.

Digimon Survive features a narrative tone that is darker than usual. While it may seem like an unforgiving environment for many fans, the game also features some heartfelt bits and a lovely cast. In addition, the game allows you to interact with characters around you, which can help you direct the overall plot.

Another downside is that the game’s translations aren’t always accurate. Some dialogue doesn’t match the character speaking, while others have placeholder text. Many of the lines and dialogue aren’t grammatically correct. The game also contains many typos, which can frustrate some players.

Digimon Survive also has a darker tone than the other games in the series. Similar to the TV series, the game has a theme of death. The characters in the game must deal with the concept of death, which has a major impact on their mental states. In addition to the horror aspects, the game also contains some aspects of strategy games, monster collecting, and time management.

One of the most compelling aspects of the game is its story. It presents an interesting and mature Digimon tale, with light moments of bonding between characters and dark moments of heartache. In addition, the game features stunning anime visuals and a deep story. Unlike other video games, Digimon Survive also has Japanese voice acting. However, the RPG portions are extremely dull and lack the depth of previous games in the series.

Character development

Digimon Survive is a decision-based game that requires players to choose between multiple character traits. The subject matter is a little heavy, so it is important to make your character choices carefully. This game has some interesting character development. Thankfully, the game does a great job of balancing the different personalities of the various characters.

Digimon Survive takes inspiration from the Utawarerumono series from Aquaplus, and it is a visual novel hybrid. This means that 80% of the game is devoted to character moments. This helps build complex characters’ personalities and makes players feel invested in the storyline.

While character development in Digimon Survive is impressive, the game’s pacing is a bit too slow. Sometimes, the game skips important details and makes you read the same conversations over. The game also has a lot of typos and translation issues, which can be frustrating. But overall, Digimon Survive is still a worthwhile game.

The game is full of interesting NPCs and has a lot of depth and variety in terms of its characters. Each character has their own personality, reflected in how they interact with their Digimon partners. The game also allows players to make choices that affect their choices and how the characters feel.

While the plot is familiar, Digimon Survive also showcases wild lore differences. It also features iconic elements of the series. While the game continues the series’ theme of evolving Digimon into stronger prefixes, the series changes focus to focus on character development and personal growth.


As the first visual novel in the Digimon series, Story of Digimon Survive does a great job of presenting a complex story. Its characters and plot are excellent, and the game’s setting is unique. It also includes references to past Digimon titles, giving the game a unique flavour.

The gameplay of Digimon Survive is divided into two halves – the Free Action part and the Search Action part. Both parts of the game involve making strategic moves to avoid enemy attacks and increase your bond with your Digimon partners. The story also forces players to make choices, which affect future story events and the character of their Digimon partners.

The main game contains twelve chapters. After the 8th chapter, the game splits into three routes. To play them, you must collect all the Digimon in the game. The game will take between 40 and 180 hours to complete depending on your difficulty level. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Xbox Series XS.

The visuals of Digimon Survive are stunning. The character portraits are sharp and detailed. They evoke personality and expression. The animation also pans out during conversations, making it easier to anticipate certain scenes. As with previous Digimon games, the anime has an age range, and Survive is aimed at an older audience.

Digimon Survive features a combat system that is similar to an RPG. The game allows players to use strategic combat, talk to allies, and recruit Digimon from the battlefield. In addition, players can use their Digimon to digivolve other creatures, allowing them to unleash powerful attacks.

Battle tactics

In Digimon Survive, you can use a variety of tactics to win battles. One strategy involves recruiting Digimon to join your team. This tactic is fun but requires you to answer specific questions and develop an affinity for each character. You only get a small number of opportunities to recruit each Digimon, so you might have to play a few Free Battles before you get the chance. Another tactic involves talking to your Digimon to get them to give you a favour. You can then use that favour to ask them to join your team or give them an item. It doesn’t guarantee that they will, however.

As you progress through the game, you can also level up and get better at gaining experience. You can also upgrade your Digimon to gain a higher level and stronger attack. There are several different ways to boost your SP gauge, and this will help you win more battles.

While this game may not be for everyone, many people enjoy its combat. The bare-bones combat system is similar to that of Fire Emblem games. However, the enemies are predictable, and the battle system isn’t designed to evolve with your level. Even if you are a veteran of the series, you will probably find this strategy too overwhelming.

The combat in Digimon Survive is based on turn-based tactics. Players take turns in battle, and their opponents must do the same. It is hard to learn this game at first, but it does provide some basic strategies for winning battles.


One of the biggest complaints with Digimon Survive is that it has a low frame rate. It’s a common problem, but it can be fixed in several ways, depending on your platform. You can reduce or turn the attack animations off to make your battles run faster. You can also raise your frame rate by increasing graphics and other game settings.

Digimon Survive features colourful and detailed graphics that give each character a cartoon look. Animations are fluid, and special effects are well done. The game is presented in a side-scrolling 2D perspective. Several cutscenes are well animated and help advance the storyline.

The graphics in Digimon Survive are a big part of the game’s appeal. This RPG blends 2D and 3D gameplay, which makes it a fun game for any age. The game features a variety of different characters, including many familiar favourites as well as some new creations. This variety of characters keeps the game’s roster fresh and exciting.

The graphics of Digimon Survive are also one of its biggest drawbacks. The graphics are extremely detailed, making the game difficult to play. If you’re not into 3D graphics, you might want to skip this title. Alternatively, this game is worth a try if you’d rather play a visual novel. The gameplay is turn-based, and the battle system is similar to other Digimon games. Each enemy type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the player takes turns attacking and moving. A lot of the damage is dealt to enemies from behind, while side attacks are a little less effective.

The graphics in Digimon Survive are pretty. There are some beautiful scenes and even the occasional anime scene. However, some of the scenes are too busy or too flat. In addition to being beautiful, Digimon Survive relies heavily on panning over wide backgrounds and sudden zooms. This helps the viewer anticipate when a character will do something big.

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