Cult of the Lamb Game Review

Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-like action-adventure game from Massive developer Monster and publisher Devolver Digital. It is a challenging game with several traps, puzzles, and hidden items. You must use these to survive in the world of the Cult.


The narrative of Cult of the Lamb is engaging and well-crafted. It deals with the issues that plague followers in a very human way. The game has a lot of recurring problems that players face and offers many options for players. There are multiple ways to get a better life, from securing a better place to finding new companions.

The game combines a roguelike element with the community simulation genre, ensuring players have a unique experience each time they play. Although the game’s runs are shortened compared to other roguelike games, you’ll never have to worry about running out of resources. The different genres, themes, and gameplay styles are balanced well in Cult of the Lamb. The result is a creepy but rewarding escape from reality.

The storyline of Cult of the Lamb is incredibly engrossing, with the player occupying the fluffy hooves of a cult leader. After a godlike being is imprisoned, the leader must recruit new followers and build a base for the followers. From there, the game takes a bloody crusade against otherworldly entities. The gameplay loops and features excellent character expressions.

The game is fairly easy to learn, and players will be able to find the right strategy to complete missions and make the most money. In addition to the gameplay, players will also find a variety of mini-games and procedurally generated dungeons, as well as building a small village. Throughout the game, you’ll become more knowledgeable about your cult and how to lead it.

Cult of the Lamb is very visually stunning. The game’s colourful characters are reminiscent of cartoon characters from Saturday morning. It also uses colour beautifully, contrasting occult and natural hues. Animation is also superb, with the game’s characters bouncing and pulsating as they interact.


While many players may be delighted to play a game in which they play the role of a fluffy lamb containing the soul of a sinister deity, the overall experience of Cult of the Lamb can be a bit frustrating. The game’s never-ending day/night cycle makes it difficult to keep up, and you may find yourself short on money, food, and other resources for your camp.

There are several ways to deal with disapproval in Cult of the Lamb. In the early stages, the main storyline can be difficult to follow. Multiple endings involve different characters or situations. In the beginning, the game’s main objective is to kill the four gods to free the lamb. While this can be frustrating, it is possible to move on to other objectives in the game, such as developing your settlement.

Aside from the main plot, there are also various other features. For example, there is an extensive city-building portion in Cult of the Lamb. You can make homes from wood and cook with berries, conduct sermons, and maintain an army of followers. Cult of the Lamb is a new game coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

While Cult of the Lamb’s combat is great, some game performance issues exist. It is still a worthwhile game, but it needs a few patches to be more stable.


One of the best things about Cult of the Lamb is its defensive abilities. The Lamb gets a defensive curse called Divine Guardian, which gives him invulnerability for two seconds and a deflecting burst spell. This is ideal for defending your Cult against enemy attacks. However, you must be careful, as this spell can damage you. This is why you need to have a lot of followers if you want to enter new areas and defeat the final boss. It is important to remember that as you gain followers, you will need to feed and clean the cult. Additionally, preaching the Cult’s Sermons will earn you experience.

Cults can also improve your followers’ faith and devotion. When you recruit new members to your Cult, you can assign a follower to take care of farming and food production for you. Eventually, followers will grow old and useless. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade your cult.

Despite its dark themes, Cult of the Lamb is a fun, challenging game with a lot to offer. It is a unique blend of roguelike gameplay and farm management. While the game is difficult to start, it ramps up after a couple of hours. While combat is easy to master for roguelike veterans, managing the cult is a unique challenge.

One of the game’s strengths is its life simulation aspect. This aspect is integrated well into the overall gameplay. It is a great addition to the Switch library.


While playing Mistakes in the Cult of The Lamb, it’s important to keep the main goal in mind: free your own god from the chains of the Cult. To do this, you must collect resources and plant seeds in your silo. Then, you’ll need to assign a follower to help you harvest the crops. Eventually, you can use your collected resources to make more farming processes.

The Cult of the Lamb is a two-sided game. One part focuses on raising a cult in the name of The One Who Waits, while the other half focuses on rising from being a sacrificial lamb to a god-like being. Both sides of the story have their own unique goals.

Many players make a major mistake by starting the Cult Of The Lamb with the wrong mindset. They begin the game with the idea that they’ll be benevolent leaders, but in the long run, this won’t work. Sooner or later, you’ll need to force your Followers to do unspeakable things.

The Cult of the Lamb has several game-breaking bugs, but Massive Monster has acknowledged the issues and has promised patches for the game on all platforms. Some of these bugs include a bug that causes players to lose their followers and become stuck in place while performing a ritual. However, this bug can be solved by reloading the game or finishing a run.

Another major issue that some users experience with the Cult of the Lamb is the game’s crashing. Some users have also reported freezing their PC. To fix this, it is helpful to ensure that Steam processes aren’t running in the background.


If you want to play Cult of the Lamb on your PC, you can do a few things to optimize its performance. First, make sure your PC is equipped with the right hardware. The game is notoriously performance hungry, and if you don’t have the right hardware configuration, you may have problems playing it. Fortunately, there are a few easy fixes you can apply.

Cult of the Lamb’s performance is not the best right now, but luckily, the game’s creators are working on a patch to fix this problem. It’s still a great game, and the design and gameplay are good. But right now, there are a few glitches that should be fixed.

The game has a unique art style, which is unholy yet attractive. Its lamb character is instantly likable, and it features stellar animation. It bounces around the screen like early cartoon characters, which is very appealing. But it’s also full of pseudo-satanic imagery and grotesqueries. This means the game can feel incredibly disorienting and uncomfortable if you’re not careful.

The Cult of the Lamb is an interesting rogue-like game produced by Massive Monster. It blends brutal cult rituals with cute art and is perfect for those who enjoy rogue-like games. The game’s main goal is to advance and earn achievements, which is done by launching crusades and exploring dungeons.

While Cult of the Lamb is not a long game, it does have several pitfalls. One of the most frustrating is that the game’s day/night cycle is never ending, which makes it extremely stressful to play. This can result in you spending more time than anticipated playing the main game. As a result, you may run out of money for new sleeping bags, camp food, and materials to build a body pit.

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