Candy Crush Saga Game Review

There are many different kinds of levels in Candy Crush Saga. The most common are Jelly Levels, which require players to clear a grid of Jelly Squares. In addition, players can also play Ingredients Levels, which require them to bring cherries and hazelnuts to the bottom of the screen. Some of the levels are also Timed, meaning that players have a limited number of moves and have to beat the time limit before they unlock the next level.

Game modes

Candy Crush Saga has different game modes, including puzzle, classic, and dream world levels. Each type of level requires matching candies or other pieces to advance in the game. While these modes are similar to the main game, they also have different requirements and difficulty levels. To advance, players need to match a certain amount of candies in a specified number of moves. In addition, different levels require different types of candy or combinations of candies.

In addition to the original game, there are several spin-offs available. Each of these games has its own gameplay and unique characters. The Soda Saga games introduce a soda mechanic, while Jelly Saga features a jelly mechanic that spreads over the candies in a match. There is also Friends Saga, which adds new game characters.

Time-Based levels require players to plan ahead. Each level allows players a certain number of moves, and they need to choose the moves that will allow them to achieve their goals quickly. This means studying the grid carefully and selecting the best possible sequence to eliminate multiple jellies. In this way, players can get the best possible score.

In addition to candy blocks, there are several other types of candies that players can purchase. For example, there is the Candy Cobra, which is reminiscent of a gummy snake or worm. Each segment is coloured alternating pink and green. The Cobra will charge across the board in a specific direction, and after it hits an empty square, it disappears. It also destroys items in its path.

Special combos

Candy Crush Saga offers a series of special combos. You can create one of these by matching three or more of the same type of candy. The result is an Instant-Win Condition, which is useful during the later levels. Moreover, you can use the combination of wrapped candies and striped candies to defeat enemies and get a special upgrade.

The wrapped candies and the colour bomb combination are the two most powerful special candy combos. They stripe all the like-coloured candies in the vicinity and can even clear most of the board. These candy combinations are especially useful when you’re trying to clear difficult-to-reach corners.

Sometimes, it’s better to make a match lower on the board than one higher up. This can help you clear more candies and increase your chances of creating cascading combos. Moreover, it’s best to avoid quitting in the middle of the level. Otherwise, you’ll lose a life and will have to start again. It’s also a good idea to learn from your mistakes and improve your strategy. Special candies can be useful for unexpected wins, but don’t use them too often.

Bomb combos can also be challenging to create. It’s not easy to line up striped and colour bombs in the same place, but they’re great for clearing single-hit obstacles and getting more points. A bomb combo looks like a bomb combination of two colours, but it actually works by destroying several layers of blockers.

Match-three gameplay

Candy Crush Saga features a unique twist on match-three gameplay. Instead of a fixed board filled with pieces of the same colour, the game features different shaped grids filled with colourful candies. The goal is to match three candies of the same colour to form chains that lead to higher scores. In order to advance to the next level, you must complete objectives before the timer runs out.

The gameplay of Candy Crush Saga is not as challenging as in other match-three games. Unlike Bejeweled, Candy Crush Saga is based on a distinct level progression. Players are given a different board each time they play, which helps them get a unique feel. There are hundreds of levels in Candy Crush Saga, and players can use power-ups to unlock additional levels.

This match-three game has come a long way since its first release. The series was a spin-off of the Warlords series and was the first RPG match-three game. This genre combines elements of match-three puzzle games and RPGs. It has built a huge following of match-three game players and is now shifting towards a free-to-play model.

In addition to the regular match-three gameplay, Candy Crush also has two different types of levels. The standard level is filled with candy, while the Dreamworld level requires matching special pieces to remove blocks. There are also Jelly levels, which require matching candy inside jelly blocks.


Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive games on the market. Its developers create endless levels and keep adding new ones to the mix to keep players hooked. The addictiveness of the game stems from its developers’ design of the game, which uses basic psychology and chemistry to hook the player’s brain. Its developers have been able to make the game incredibly addictive since it launched in 2012, and while there have been some setbacks along the way, it continues to grow in popularity.

The addictiveness of Candy Crush Saga is most evident in younger people, but it can also affect more mature people. While these individuals might not consider themselves gamers, the addictiveness of the game can interfere with their lives. They may even feel cravings and higher levels of tolerance when they aren’t playing.

The addictiveness of Candy Crush Saga varies, but it’s safe to say that a lot of people play it for over five hours per day. However, this level of commitment is often the symptom of a larger problem. Some people who become addicted to Candy Crush may need counselling for a more serious problem.

Another aspect of Candy Crush Saga’s addictiveness is that the game is completely free. Users are able to play it on their smartphones or tablet. However, it’s highly recommended that they put down the game when they’re not playing it. The player must make sure they don’t lose any lives or regain control of the game.

Freemium model

Candy Crush Saga is a freemium mobile game, with free levels for the first five levels and a subscription to unlock higher levels. In mid-June, Candy Crush creator King yanked all in-app advertising from the game, and instead focused on micro-payments. Today, over 75 percent of the company’s revenue comes from in-app purchases.

Candy Crush Saga is a massively popular mobile game. It first launched in 2013 and has over 2.7 billion downloads. It has also earned the developer King millions of dollars through in-app purchases. In November 2017, the game had a record 293 million monthly active players. King currently earns millions of dollars each month from Candy Crush Saga, which has over 273 million monthly active players.

Candy Crush Saga was the first freemium game to break the $1 billion mark, and has continued to become one of the biggest grossing mobile games of all time. The game’s success helped King become the second biggest gaming publisher on Facebook, and King’s Candy Crush launch on November 14, 2012, was the game’s big break. It also shifted the fortunes of the developer, resulting in a 1084 percent increase in revenue in just two years. From 2013 to 2017, Candy Crush Saga became the highest-grossing game worldwide, rivalling Clash of Clans.

Freemium models are a great way to attract customers. They work perfectly for digital products, such as online games. The free version of these games allows the consumer to play them for free, and the developer is able to update the content regularly. However, for games to be truly profitable, they must be able to persuade users to upgrade to paid versions.

Early-installer weirdness

Candy Crush Saga’s voice is present on all levels and announces achievements when on-screen text is enabled. There are seven different sayings, and sometimes the same move results in multiple voice triggers and cascade chains. The voice, which is also present in the original Candy Crush, is widely believed to be the voice of Mr. Toffee, but the game’s other protagonist, Casey, has a different voice.

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